Friday, February 13, 2009

1930km versus 14Feb

photo of the day
2.14. Valentine's day. Taiping-Tawau. 1903km. 也许相爱很难...幸福,要好好珍惜啊!

A little update on myself.
Fyi, I'm still staying in Taiping at the moment thanks to my mom's good fren that willing to borrow her 1.6 Proton Waja to me..Though, travelling along the 案发现场 everyday is so torturing..While keeping my eyes on the road, the cars..I've to "scan" the sideways to rule out any "living creatures" especially the super fast wild-boar ("flying" across the road at 60km/h), the strong cows, groups of monkeys, hens, dogs, sheeps...*not joking* Since it's so damn stressful, I've decided to move myself into Forever-land as soon as I found a good place to stay. A new life is coming, not anticipating anyway.

Also, I will be going Hosp. Gerik on 18th Feb (Wednesday) for a Lawatan sambil belajar to see how they got the 3years MSQH Acredidation. "so damn free lah the people in Forever-land"...Come on, come join us.

Saturday, February 07, 2009







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Sinchew Jit Poh
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kiss of the wild-pig

photos of the day
0740. 291209. Forever-land. Wild boar. my Honda City. Crash. Losing control. No injuries. Called AXA helplines. Mommy. Dr. Azz. Staffs. Xiaorong. An hour waiting. Met lots of good peoples. Made police report. Car sent to workshop. Claim insurance. $6000?. 14 to 30 days pending. EL x 2days. Back in Ipoh. Looking for car. Doubtful. Anxious. Fear. Depressed. Tired.

special thanks to kimKhee, zenShen, Syahrul (pegawai Jasa Dun cawangan Forever-land).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ox turns the universe 牛转乾坤

photos of the day
Macau pray
Photo taken at A-MA temple, Macau. ahfoophoto wishing u 心想事成.
Chinese new year this year (Ox-2009) perfectly falling into Monday, so we all get a long weekend to celebrate it more enjoyable..*sorry, those on-call :p* Although working on 年初5, I'll still get my heavy-weight body to appear in KL for the 年初6-gathering with u worry! un-FFK! hehe..anyone who want to "play cards" with me, please come to my house in Taiping, 年初3 till 年15..1800-2400 (Monday to Thurday)..
HK pray
Photo taken at Man Mo temple, Hong Kong. ahfoophoto wishing those studying become smarter, those fighting become fiercer??!! omg..haha..those working can work more happily. 裁员光尽, 菜, 吐口水说过 :p
The economy gonna be bad this year?!..better we all hiding under the big trees of gov. and do our "dispensing only" *we are going to change your impressions one day* works huh..Aims of this year: Reduce wastages, and spend smartly on improving patient's quality of health in forever-land! Also, to help improve the country economy, we should spend more money in M'sia this year *smartly*..let the RM flowing in the market! *travel dosmetically!* kimKhee know this theory very well, becoz she msg me 2.15 in the middle of the night just to let me know she going to bank-in back rm22 (not typo) to me.. -_-" good one kimKhee, I really 给你揸到! I promise to spend the rm22 soon.
DaiYuSan pray
photo taken at 宝莲禅寺, Hong Kong. ahfoophoto wishing you 新年进步.
9 things to expect in 2009:
1) To get accredidation for forever-land, and
2) get my boss to sign my transfer form
3) Travel to Tawau twice, together with felicia, and co. to meet siauYong
4) keep the acne out, knowing to stop Roaccutane in April
5) Save money to pay back my new car, and debts *shhhh*
6) To help out my parents more frequent
7) to make my friends happy
8) To maintain my blog, oNE pHOTO pER dAY'07, until I lost the passions again..haha
9) be myself.
wishes Macau
photos taken at A-MA temple, Macau.
求神没分国界. 无论你考SPM, 或是华仔的fan屎, 只要你诚心向佛及做人,愿望一定会达成. 我胡文汉在这里恭祝各界人士在新的一年里想一得二,飞跃进步,好鬼开心...哈哈哈.

newYear tips: in case you are Ox, 年初三 is a good day to start working (开工吉时: 1100 to 1300). *so I plan to do nothing until 1100 that day...minum..hahaha*

小插曲: In case you're interested, I got a call from myFm 2 days ago, called by 尹汇芬, over the 四通八达..I was in deep surprise becoz I didn't even expect it! It happened bcoz I left a msg on link (a Nuffnang ad appeared in my blog that day)! I "chat" with Alice, sent my regards to her, through the air with myFm..heard by everyone damn paiseh..crazy experience! miss my fooX-fm?!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


photo of the day
Macau overlap
Describe Macau in 3 words? They are probably "casino", "biscuits", and "culture"...Macau is just too nice and make me wanted to go again..probably spend a short 3 days 2nites trip will do.. Daytime can go Macau's UNESCO World Heritage Sites + shopping + makan..Nightime go casino-hopping like Venetian-Macau, Casino Lisboa, MGM Grand Macau...a total of 28..haha..*minimum bet HK$200 at Venetian* crazy!

Before back home, can buy the super-nice "咀香园, preferred by locals, 73-years of history" biscuits and prepare to spend a HK$300 or more..*Also, you will see lots of "钜记" bakery with the slogan "7 years of leadership in the food sourvenir market (60%)" everywhere in Macau.. Use your own judgement, I bought both..haha..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My girls in Hong Kong

photos of the day
the people HK
It's time to introduce our members from the HK trip...It goes what as we planned back in few months ago, all of us were posted to different facilities so we can take a long break together. The girls are soonEe (H.Parit Buntar), siewMee (HTPG), yokeMei (KK. TPG), and foongYan (H. Ipoh). It was the 1st time to travel with them, and undoubtedly, they were forced to take lots of photos throughout the trip... haha -_-"
sister - HK
siauFwu (晓芙) and siauYong (晓蓉). The famous 芙蓉姐妹 from Tawau, Sabah..haha..Fwu now working in Singapore as a civil enginneer, while Yong, like or don't like, a "pharmer" in Semporna..It was cold, behind them is the famous Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥) covered by fog.

siauFwu and siauYong
photo taken n-years ago..the fwu-yong sisters in front of a oil palms farm in Sabah..haha...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dim Sum in Hong Kong

photos of the day
Lin Heung - Hong Kong
U can't deny, but we are actually influenced by the HongKong's culture so deeply in this Malaysia..We watch TVB, we know what is ICAC but no one can tell me what MACC is..When talking about food, ya..very common, HK-猪肠粉, HK-咖喱鱼丸, HK-丝袜奶茶..and HK-点心..So, what's so special about food in HK then? It's the environment.

In HK, you better know what u want to order before u sit down..the waiter will stare at u while giving u pressure..and was like thinking: "faster-lah dai lou, pick wife meh.." -_- .. I got an idea here, I think it worth a try..why not the government send some of us (the public servant) go to this HK just to minum-makan-minum-makan for a few days, to help improving the country's pace in completing task..come on, that time even minum-pagi pun cepat sikit-lah..:p

Ok, this Lin Heung Restaurant (莲香楼) is located at the 160-164, Wellington Street, Central. However, the nearest MTR station is 上环 (exit E2). The day we went, it was full of peoples, far more worst than 明阁 or 富山 in Ipoh. Peoples were sharing the 2-layers-table *can keep my dSLR under it*, reading newspaper, and enjoying their tea as well as time there..while the waiter was busy moving around 4-5 tables pouring hot water, discarding tea and etc..It takes quite a long time for us to settle down, but yet, the food won't come near you. Why?

Everybody was chasing after the dim sum car which came out from the kitchen..

You got to be kiasu a bit, take your dim sum card, joined the crowd, bought it, bring it back to your table..repeatedly for 5-6 times, then you'll have 5-6 plates of different dim sum on your table, before you can eventually sit down..and eat it. BUT but hor, pay attention to the next dim sum car coming out while eating! 真是吃都晤安乐...anyway, experience mah.

Actually, we have almost everything in Malaysia.. If you are afraid of taking flight or whatsoever reason u don't like to travel, just drive your car and eat in anywhere u feel sedap-lah..Although we are so envy towards HongKong, I think we have a better living that causing no stress.

-_- I'm nua.